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Dissertation Avenue ReviewStudents who place their dissertation orders with face a bit of nasty shock and surprise when they realize that they have made the wrong choice and the writing service that they considered genuine and professional is highly unprofessional and fake. Instead of heeling students achieve their academic goals and targets, is working hard only to achieve its own ends and means and strives to rob students of their hard earned money by charging high fee from them but failing to deliver the right paper and asking for more money before it hands over the paper to the students.


When students are asked to write a dissertation, they face a lot of problems because they do not have the right experience or the necessary skills to work on their research papers which make it really hard for them to write their own assignments. To avoid the problem of writing bad papers, they seek help from the best writing services they could find. However, in most of the cases, instead of finding the right service provider, they end up finding bad quality service providers who are plain selfish and mean and do not have any concern for the students. is one such writing service which just creates problems for students instead of making things easy for them.


Most of the students complain that they got stuck with When they first contacted, the writing service was really good with them. They were satisfied on every level, they were given a complete overview of what type of paper they will get, how it will work for them and what will be the benefits of getting a top quality and custom paper from However, it was only after placing the order and paying money that students begun to face problems. First of all, the students failed to receive their paper on time, as the delivery date approached and there was no sign of a dissertation, the students got really worried and contacted the service provider.


They were told that they will be getting their paper soon but that soon was not good enough. When the students got really worried because the deadline was about to end, the writing service told them that their paper was way too tough for the writers and they will have to pay additional money before they could get their paper. This is really shocking for students who already pay a substantial amount to the writing service to get a good dissertation. However, due to shortage of time and to submit their paper, the students are forced to pay extra money to avoid facing problems in their class. has been conning students like this for a long time now and the students are really upset over the way they are lied and made fools of. They trust the writing service for providing hem good quality and brilliant research papers but all they get is substandard quality and fraud dealings which is very disappointing.

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