Fake Dissertation Writing Services DissertationCapital.com

Dissertation CapitalEven though DissertationCapital.com claims to be the best dissertation writing service that offers the most top quality and custom papers, reviews and students say otherwise. Most of the students who have worked with DissertationCapital.com call it a fake writing service because of their bad experience working with this writing service and call it totally unethical and immoral.


It is because the students who placed their dissertation orders with DissertationCapital.com were highly disappointed when they got papers that were low quality, simply bad and even plagiarized. No student wants a plagiarized paper because it is just a crime to present copied work to their teacher and the students suffer from bad grades if they submit a plagiarized dissertation to their teachers. There have been some cases where the teachers just rejected the paper and failed the students and the students had to repeat their course just because they chose DissertationCapital.com to write their papers.


The students do not know what to do when they are assigned dissertations by their teachers because for many of them, this is the first time that they have been assigned a task which is so challenging and so perplexing and they have no idea how they should work. Along with this, lack of time and skills make it really hard for the students to work on their own and they try to seek help from some professional writing service that can guide them and solve their problem for a sum of money. However, for students who decide to work with DissertationCapital.com, everything just goes wrong and instead of getting a top quality and custom paper, the students get a fake paper, which has either been copied from the internet or it is so badly written that it does not make any sense, does not relate to the topic and the subject and is utter nonsense which they do not want to submit to their teacher because they dear failure.


There have also been many instances when DissertationCapital.com very conveniently forgot to send the papers to the students.  After the delivery date, when the students contacted the writing company, they were told to wait as there was some problem and that they would be getting their paper shortly. This also created a lot of problems for the students as the submission date is not set by them by the teachers and not submitting the papers on time case result in negative marking and the students are very apprehensive as they do not know what to do if the writing service is nor responding to their queries.


Most of the students who placed their dissertation orders with DissertationCapital.com have nothing good to say about it. While most were unhappy with the bad quality of papers that they were send, many did not know what to say because they failed to receive their papers and had to seek some other writing service to get a dissertation on time and submit it on time to avoid failure.

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