Fake Tricks of DissertationCouncil.co.uk


When it comes to avoiding a dissertation writing service that is not fit for students, DissertationCouncil.co.uk is the first one on the list. It is not because it is not a very top writing service but it is because it does not help students the way a writing service should and it only cons and cheats students who contact it at the time of need and require its assistance to come up with top quality and custom papers for their class.


The students must make sure that they do not work with DissertationCouncil.co.uk because they will only be suffering at the hands of unprofessional and unethical writing service that is only working hard to satisfy its own means and ends and does not care how students manage with bad papers and how it affects their results and future. This article is a review of DissertationCouncil.co.uk and brings some of the top reasons why students should avoid working with this service provider.


Prewritten Papers: The worst thing about working with DissertationCouncil.co.uk is that they provide prewritten papers instead of offering custom and original papers. The students need 100% custom and original papers to present to their teachers and if they fail to submit the best papers to students, they can fail failure in their course which is a very bad thing.


Plagiarised Papers: No teacher can accept a paper which is plagiarised because it is considered a very big offence copying someone else’s work and presenting it as their own. Teachers’ outright reject the dissertations and assignments which are plagiarised and even punish or fine the students who submit plagiarised papers.


Fail to Deliver on Time: DissertationCouncil.co.uk has been found to delay the delivery of papers which causes a lot of problems to the students. Fail to deliver on time is a big offence and the students cannot afford to be late for their papers as it can create a lot of trouble for them which can range from rejection of the paper to failure in the course which is very bad.


Bad Customer Service: Most of the students dealing with DissertationCouncil.co.uk have complained regarding it bad customer service. They say that the customer support team is very good once they are about to place the order but once they have paid, the customer support team does not give them the right response or answer their questions satisfactorily. This is very bad as it causes students a lot of problems when they have paid money and they do not get the right response.


Unethical Practices: DissertationCouncil.co.uk has been known to indulge in unethical practices which include giving away students’ private and confidential information to third parties that use it to send them junk and spam emails.  The students do not have time to deal with all these things and getting unnecessary and unwanted emails which contain their personal information is very stressing for them. All these things make a very bad review for DissertationCouncil.co.uk and students should stay away from it for their peace of mind.

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