Essay Scams UK Education What Is A Research Hypothesis? Format and Examples

What Is A Research Hypothesis? Format and Examples

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What is a Research Hypothesis?

The research hypothesis is the predictions that you will find during the research. It is the tentative answer to a research question that you have not tested yet. To address different aspects of a research question, you will have to develop several research questions. Anyhow, you should not guess the form of a hypothesis. You will have to extract it from the existing theories. The researchers have to make it testable. When you will make it testable, you can easily support it by using different research methods. While establishing a research hypothesis, you should also keep in mind two variables. First of all, there comes an independent variable. The researchers can easily change or control it. Secondly, there comes the dependent variable. The researchers have to observe and measure its results.

How to Develop a Research Hypothesis?

To develop a hypothesis, you will have to follow some essential steps. First, you will have to ask a question. While asking this question, you should try to make it focused and specific. Moreover, it should also be researchable within the research constraints. Secondly, you will have to do some preliminary research. Before giving the initial answer to a question, you should have enough knowledge about it. To get this knowledge, you should look for previous theories and studies. Thirdly, you should formulate the hypothesis. While formulating the hypothesis, you will have to keep in mind what you expect to find. You can write the answer to this question in a clear and concise sentence.

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Fourthly, you will have to refine the hypothesis. Here, you should make sure that it is specific and testable. Now, you can use various ways to phrase the hypothesis. While phrasing the hypothesis, you should include definitions of all the variables. Fifthly, you will have to phrase the hypothesis in three ways. Now, you will have to select the best method to write it. At last, you will have to write a null hypothesis. In the case of statistical hypothesis testing, you can write a null hypothesis. Here, you will have to show the default position. It means that you don’t show its relationship and association with the variables. Now, you can create the best hypothesis by refining the null hypothesis.

Elements of a Good Hypothesis

No doubt, there are various types of hypotheses. Regardless of these different types of hypotheses, you will have to explain the focus and direction of the experiment. Therefore, you should include two important elements in the research hypothesis. First, you should explain the purpose of the research. Secondly, you can also include researchable variables. While developing it, you should also keep in mind its qualities. First, it should be logical. Secondly, you will have to use precise language while developing it. Thirdly, you should test it with research or experiments. When you will go to develop the best hypothesis, you should ask some questions.

An assignment writing services company has views that First, you should ask a question about the base of the hypothesis. Secondly, you can ask a question about the testing of the hypothesis. Thirdly, you can also ask a question about the dependent and independent variables of the research hypothesis. That’s why you will have to do background research before developing it. When you will complete a literature review, you should start thinking about it. You should try to find the potential questions that you have. If you have read journal articles, you should pay attention to their discussion section. Here, the authors suggest some research questions that you will have to further explore.

Types of Research Hypothesis

We can divide it into two types. First of all, there comes a descriptive hypothesis. By using it, we have to state the existence, size and distribution of the variables. We can easily formulate a descriptive hypothesis in the form of a statement. Anyhow, it is not necessary to add variables in the descriptive hypothesis. Secondly, there comes the relational hypothesis. While developing this kind of hypothesis, you will have to show relationships between different variables. We can further divide relational hypotheses into two types. These two types are co-relational hypothesis and casual hypothesis. While developing a co-relational hypothesis, we will have to develop the relationship between variables. To develop a causal hypothesis, we have to discuss the impacts of one variable on another if we change them.

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We can use three different formats to develop a research hypothesis. If you will have to identify the variable, you can easily develop it in the form of simple if……then. It means that we have to divide it into two parts. In the first part, we can state the independent variable. In the second part, we can state the dependent variable. Secondly, if we have to develop a hypothesis for academic research, we have to use co-relations. It means that you will have to state predictions by showing the relationship between variables. At last, you can also use it to compare two groups. Here, you can include the differences that you are expecting from them.


After getting complete information about the research hypothesis, we try to understand this concept with the help of examples. First, we take the example of if….then form of research hypothesis. ‘If a student starts to attend more classes, he can get more marks’. After that, we take an example of a hypothesis that we can use in academic research. ‘The number of classes that students attend lasts impacts on their marks’. Thirdly, we can also compare two groups in the form of a hypothesis. We should also take an example of this kind of hypothesis. ‘The students who have attended more classes attain more scores than those students who have attended fewer classes’.


A statement that we develop to test for further results is a hypothesis. We have to develop a research hypothesis before starting the experiment of the data collection method. It means that we can state our predictions of the research with the help of a hypothesis. We can write a hypothesis in three different ways. First, we can write it in the if…..then form. Secondly, we can also create a hypothesis for academic research in the form of co-relation. At last, if we have to compare two things, we can also create a hypothesis. Before writing a hypothesis, we have to conduct preliminarily research. It is the best way to gather background knowledge about it.


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