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How to Write a News Article and Make it More Interesting

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Breaking News! Do you know how to write a news article? Do you know the ways to make your news article more interesting? You probably don’t. It is because news articles are far different from other informative articles. This requires a piece of solid news, not a general topic to write on. It is important to deliver all the news to your reader in a limited word count. You need to have interesting news and engaging content to craft a masterpiece.

But before we move on further, let’s define news? What is a news article? News is a piece of information on a recent event. It can either be known or unknown to others. A news article is a piece of detailed writing on such information. Hence, journalists often write news articles to convey a recent happening.

How to Write a News Article?

The cheap essay writing service firm has the expirties about news articles, you might have read several news articles. But do you know how to write one? There are some rules and regulations to write it. To engage your readers and effective communication, you have to follow them. In this guide, I will be discussing things to add and not to add while writing a news article. These things include;

1. Effective Introduction

The introduction of your article is the key to its success. It helps to grab the attention of your reader. Your introduction should not be longer than 25 to 30 words. You must try to provide an overview of the news but also leave some facts unexplored. This will add an element of curiosity.

For example. “ Last night, Argentina and Brazil played the final match of World Cup. Who do you think won the match.” Now here, “who do you think” is making the news interesting. It is because both the teams are very strong.

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2. Use Active Voice Tense

The use of an active voice in the news articles makes it easier to read. It is an efficient way to communicate with your reader. It also takes less time to read and understand the overall concept of the author. Let’s explain it with the help of an example. “Last night, Argentina was beaten by Brazil in the final match of World Cup.” See, this sentence is hard and takes time to read.

It will be a lot easier if we use it in active voice. For example, “Brazil beats Argentina in the World Cup final.”

3. Use of 5 W’s

Most news writers often confuse the actual news with facts. They try to stuff all information and evidence into one paragraph. It will be better if they structure their article with 5 W’s. The 5 W’s are “what, how, were, when, and why?” the whole article of yours should be revolving around these. Remember, people don’t bother to move forward if they don’t find the first part interesting. So, one should try to grab the reader in the first 150-200 words.

4. The Article should be Human Interest Focused

According to the dissertation writing service firm, Human interest is the most important thing in the success of your news article. It is the humans who are going to read your story. So, always try to write on hot topics. Hot topics often provide you with a vast audience. If you put humans in your story, you will be able to create an emotional connection. The emotional connection will draw readers in and keep them engaged till the end.

5. Avoid Jargon

Th use of fancy words in news articles does not impress your readers. Besides, it will make the article difficult to read. Journalism has its own language. So, it would help if you do not go beyond the premises of journalism. Stick to the simple language, and readers will enjoy your article.

Tips to Make News Interesting

Now, you’ve written a news article. You need to add some spice to it to make it more interesting. So, here are some tips to make your news article interesting:

  • Hook Sentence: Always start the articles with a hook sentence. A sentence that will grab the attention of the reader.
  • Hot Topics: Try to write on hot topics of the industry. Newer the news, the larger the audience.
  • Find an Angle: Every news is interesting on its own. You need to find an angle to express it.


Hence, writing a great and interesting news article is not child’s play. With this guide and tips, you also need to polish your writing skills in order to write an engaging news article.