Essay Scams UK Dissertation Scams 10 rules that must be followed when you are writing a literature

10 rules that must be followed when you are writing a literature

One of the greatest demand in the scientific fields is that of the literature reviews. This is because of the increase in the scientific publications since the 20th century. The publications need to be checked by the peers. It is not possible for the other scientists to read through the detailed research papers to check for the given research and facts. This becomes easier with the help of the literature reviews. The literature review is the overall summaries of the selected literature that represents the facts related to the selected topic. Here are the ten most important rules that are important for the compilation of the literature review.

  1. The first rule is that the audience and the topic of the literature review need to be defined. Some of the main aspects of the topic are that the selected topic needs to be interesting and it should be important in the field. The papers that have been selected should be the ones that present important questions in the field.
  2. After the topic has been selected, the relevant research papers are to be downloaded. The search terms should be defined. The irrelevant papers should be excluded. Complete publication of all papers are not always available online; the incomplete ones should be marked for later. As the papers are downloaded, they must be read thoroughly to find out a topic that can attract the attention of the readers, as it must be new and interesting.
  3. As the literature and the publications are being read, it is important that the notes be made about the facts, new discoveries, novel research ideas or anything important. This will help in making a draft that will give the researcher a rough overview of what the literature review will deal with. The rough draft will help in shaping the final draft.
  4. The kind of literature review needs to be defined. The reader needs to choose between the critical reviews, systematic review, meta-analysis, or the conceptual review.
  5. The literature review has to be well organized, focused and it should cover the interests of a larger audience from the related field.
  6. The sixth important rule is that the review should be written in a critical and a consistent manner. It should highlight important research questions and it should raise new questions about newer research ideas and better findings.
  7. The seventh rule highlights the structure of the literature review that will make the reader read the literature review.
  8. Eight rules that make the review even better is to make sure that the feedback from the reviewers is incorporated. The drafts must be reread repeatedly so the roughness of the drafts can be eliminated.
  9. The researcher can include his own research but it is important that the research should be objective as well as relevant.
  10. Last but not the least; the literature review should include all the up-to-date research. This would make the literature review more interesting but the golden facts from the older studies should not be ignored.

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