Exclamatory Sentences: Examples And Writing Guides

The exclamatory sentences are the forceful version of the declarative sentences. Mostly, these sentences are used to convey the excitement or emotion of a person. At the end of an exclamatory sentence, an exclamation mark is placed. We can easily define an exclamatory sentence with the help of its function. We can also define an exclamatory sentence from its form. There are some specific rules to write an exclamatory sentence. Sometimes, the students are not able to understand these rules. Under such a situation, they can get help from experts of cheap dissertation writing services. Some essential examples and writing guides about these exclamatory sentences are given below;

  • Most of the students get confused while using ‘What’ and ‘How’ in the exclamatory sentences. The simplest solution to this problem is that if you are using a plural noun in the exclamatory sentence, then you should use ‘What’. On the other hand, if you are using a single noun in the exclamatory sentence, then you should use ‘How’ instead of ‘What’. Some examples are given below;

For example, if you want to use ‘Children’ as a noun in an exclamatory sentence, then your correct sentence is ‘What extra-ordinary children these are!’ instead of ‘How extra-ordinary children there are!’.

Anyhow, you can also use ‘What’ in the exclamatory sentences with the known ‘Child’ in the following way;

What an extraordinary child this is!

  • There are also some students who face some problems with the punctuation of the exclamatory sentences. To punctuate an exclamatory sentence, we should use exclamatory sentence at the end of an exclamatory sentence instead of middle or beginning. For example, if we want to show our excitement or emotion after completing a particular assignment, then we can use an exclamatory sentence as ‘Fantastic, we have completed our assignment!’ instead of ‘Fantastic! We have completed our assignment’. Its reason is that in the first sentence, the exclamation mark is at the end of an exclamatory sentence and it is true. On the other hand, in the second sentence, the exclamatory mark is in the middle and it is not true.
  • Sometimes, there is also a possibility that the students are not able to find out the best exclamatory sentences to express their emotions. For this reason, they can use the following sentences;
  1. I can’t express my feelings!

This is an emotion or expression of happiness.

  1. Our team won the match!

This is also an emotion or expression of happiness.

  1. I won the lottery!

This emotion or expression shows elation of a person.

  1. I am nothing without you!

This emotion or expression reflects the sorrow of a person.

  1. We can’t figure this out!

This sentence reflects the frustration of a person.

  • There are also some students who don’t have enough idea about the exclamatory words. The best exclamatory words which can be used to express the emotions and expressions of a person are ‘Wow!’, ‘Aha!’ ‘Ouch!’ and ‘Bravo!’ etc. You can use these exclamatory words in the exclamatory sentences by keeping in mind their expressions. For example, for the expressions of joy, we can use ‘Aha’ and for the expressions of sorrow, we can use ‘Alas’.