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Adult Learning and Education Has Become Reality of World

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Adult Learning is Reality of WorldUsually, when we talk about education, we always discuss the formal education that is given to children, adolescents, and the youth so that they grow up to be educated and civilized members of society. While it is true that they should be the main recipients of education as per the international human rights law, it would be unfair to forget adults who were unable to continue their education due to any reason and are suffering unjust conditions just because they could not get formally educated. Everyone must get education regardless of their age, caste or culture.

Told by a cheap dissertation writing service, as international law has specified, the purpose of education is to fully develop the human personality and sense of its dignity so that all the people can engage efficiently in a free society. It is important to understand that this objective of education is not fulfilled if education is only restricted to children.  Education and learning is a lifelong process and while the early years are considered very significant as they play a key role in laying the foundation, yet each level of learning is very significant for development in one’s life.

People who need adult education and learning might be ones who missed education due to several reasons including:

  • Missed or neglected primary and secondary education due to financial reasons
  • Dropped out of school due to some family trouble or were not sent to school at all
  • Failed to develop basic education skills such as learning to read, write and calculate in early days
  • Had some mental or physical handicap that prevented them from going to school

Even if someone was unable to receive education in their childhood due to these reasons, they have every right to seek education as an adult as there is no world and no future without learning.

Why Adult Learning And Education Is So Important?

Adult education and learning is a key part of the right to education and lifetime learning and consists of all forms of skills and knowledge that help adults become good citizens of their societies and be useful in the world with their work. It includes all types of the learning activity, formal, non-formal and even informal that gives these adults a chance to develop and grow their competencies for themselves as well as the communities and societies in which they exist. Research by a dissertation writing service shows that education is very essential for all, irrespective of age, caste or culture and it is more important for adults because:

  • It helps them enjoy various human rights such as the right to work, health and to become a part of the cultural life and public affairs in a more fitting manner
  • It empowers them financially as well as socially, helping them grasp, examine and transform as they get to develop critical recognition and can manage their lives better, getting rid of poverty and other deprived circumstances
  • It enables them to develop skills and knowledge that would make them an important part of society and they can take part in numerous activities for a better future
  • It also gives them a chance to become active citizens of their country and supports individual as well as social improvement

It does not end here as people who continue to learn and seek knowledge even in their adult years can enjoy better economic, political, cultural and social benefits in the long run that help them improve their social standing and look forward to a better life.

In several parts of the world, early and highly school education is offered free by the state so that the literacy rate can be reduced and they have a civilized and enlightened society as a result. However, the same rule needs to be applied to adult education too. The states need to take responsibility and come up with a legal and administrative system that ensures learning for adults who seek learning opportunities, especially those who belong to minorities, are disabled, suffer mental or physical handicaps or are in prison to ensure they nurture a community that knows it civic and moral responsibilities.  To help things, many governments, as well as companies like essay writing service UK, encourage adults to seek education by creating learning opportunities that help them enjoy better prospects in life as well as work.

There is no denying that adult education and learning have become the reality of the world and if we want to achieve sustainable growth, eradicate poverty, ensure economic advancement and fight injustice and promote social inclusion, it is essential to educate adults who can play a key part in community development.

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